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Countdown to mathematical elimination: Pacers @ Pistons

The Details

Pacers: 32-41 (13-25 Away)

Pistons: 25-47 (18-18 Home)

The Situation

Am I the only one who follows the Pistons for the sole purpose of tracking Greg Monroe's progress? I mean, Detroit just lost to Cleveland. Aside from counting ping pong balls, what else is there.

The Pacers, meanwhile are looking to solidify the opportunity to win two games and scare the Chicago Bulls.This doubleheader is crucial to their chance to do so.

I feel like Mike Dunleavy has been injured since 2007, but apparently he's played 52 games this year. His averageness has been extremely important to the Pacers image as the most average franchise in professional sports.

I have an admission. I might, just might, take a peek at the UConn-Arizona game tonight, if only briefly.

Question of the Game

You have to like steals from Monroe, but are they coming at the expense of blocks, and generally altering shots?


Indy Cornrows