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Morning Shootaround: Dennis Rodman Jersey Retirement Day

What a cruel, cruel (hilarious?) joke it would be if the Pistons stopped Rodman's number half way up to the rafters and Mason yelped over the PA, April Fools!!!!!! Greg Mooooooooooose beeeebop-robocop-Monrobocop-Monroeeeee wears that number!! And then we'll retire it in his honor...

Okay, not that funny maybe. Especially since Kuester would probably find Rodman in his truck later with a .22 caliber rifle. Hey, I don't know what you've got planned with that, and if I did I wouldn't know how to handle the situation, but let me use that when you're done.

But, seriously, tonight is the Dennis Rodman number retirement ceremony. Other Bad Boys will be in attendance to see a great, well-deserved honor for one of the baddest of Bad Boys. And, with that, it seems like it's as good of a time as any to end the DBB shootaround boycott, er, excused absences and hit up some links.

  • A timeline of Rodman's NBA years via Detroit Free Press.
  • Teammates remember Rodman fondly, including an amazing throwback photo gallery.
  • Eli Zaret takes a look back at Rodman's career. What a great road from late 2nd round pick (Jack McCloskey saying Rodman didn't know how to play) to winning consecutive DPOYs (Jack McCloskey saying Rodman ruined one of his suit coats), to his trade to the Spurs, to tonight (Jack McCloskey saying Rodman is the greatest defender that has ever played). This is probably a nice preview of the tribute video you'll see tonight.
  • Chris Iott at MLIVE did some crowdsourcing on Rodman via the Twitters. Some high, well-deserved praise for The Worm. Of note: former Piston blogger @PistonsNation thinks tonight is a publicity stunt.
  • Terry Foster's column on Rodman includes a Snooki lede.
  • Artsy Rodman computer wallpaper at Need4Sheed.
  • Maybe Dennis Rodman can find his way: A re-published 1993 column by Mitch Albom.

    Other Pistons links after the jump:
  • Karen Davidson is frustrated with the state of the Pistons' sale. Really? You don't say. Reports were that the sale may happen sometime in April, but latest news indicates that nothing is imminent. I've tried to be a little more reserved in updating the site with the "sale" stuff because, man, my neck hurts from all the premature head tilting.
  • David Thorpe of ESPN had Greg Monroe as his most improved rookie (it's Insider info you may not be privy to, so here's the excerpt on Monroe):
    This time last year, scouts were mixed on Monroe. They liked his talent, skill and length but had questions surrounding his inconsistent motor. Would he engage as a rebounder? Would he be a paint presence? Would he find ways to be a significant producer consistently?

    As Pistons fans now know, the answers to those questions are yes, yes and yes. Monroe is entrenched in the starting lineup, one of just a handful of first-round picks who can say that. He's a double-double threat every night now after not getting his first until Jan. 4 -- a 14-and-11 game against the Lakers in L.A. Since then, he has recorded 17 more and missed a double-double by one rebound or point in four other games.

    Monroe has learned to compete harder and for longer stretches, and he's doing so while fouling less often. In fact, he rarely has had to worry about being in foul trouble, which is gold for a starting rookie center. He has gone from a big guy with questions about his future to the big guy his franchise will build around. That makes Monroe our 2011 MIP.
  • A very thorough look at Rodney Stuckey's passing at PistonPowered.
  • Ben Gordon says with the Pistons' talent that there is no reason the team shouldn't be a 5th seed in the East. Hmmmmm, I'd say their record isn't indicative of their talent, but I wouldn't go that far.
  • Interesting debate: Should college athletes get paid? Austin Daye and CV think so. Insert jokes about current Pistons not deserving to get paid in the NBA let alone college.
  • Ben Gordon (UConn), Charlie Villanueva (UConn), and Tayshaun Prince (UK) joined ESPN's First Take to talk UConn/Kentucky Final Four action (stay for the awkward reaction to the John Kuester question and Tayshaun's crafty veteran avoidance of it) H/T DBB Diablo
  • Hey, Isiah Thomas is in the news, and uncensored. (H/T Freep and Big Z)