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The long, regional nightmare is over (soon): Pistons at 76ers

The Details

Detroit Pistons: Depressing

Philadelphia 76ers: Spunky optimism!

The Lowdown

The 76ers are celebrating their status as the team nobody want to face in the playoffs. Actually, the Knicks are the team every team thinks they do not want to play.

In reality, the teams nobody wants to play are the Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and Spurs, in that order. Plenty of teams would be happy to play either the Knicks or the 76ers. The whole regular season is centered around the opportunity to play teams like that.

Really, the Pistons aren't even fighting for ping-pong balls, so they might as well win, so long as Greg Monroe doesn't go down with a career-ending injury.

The Question

Will Charlie V. punch someone in the face? That was the most interesting this season has been in a while. I mean, he won't be playing, but why should that stop him?

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