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A High Note, The End: Pistons 104, Sixers 100

The Pistons ended the season on the highest of high notes: it's over. But they also won four of their last five, something they hadn't done since November (and I was surprised they did it at all this season), there's a new owner in place, and we saw some players who may or may not be apart of this team's future finish strong, too.

The game itself didn't really matter. Yeah, a win feels good -- it capped off Ultimate Fan Night for Detroit sports fans -- but in the grand scheme of things it's meaningless. The Pistons were already booked for off-season vaca plans, not going to the playoffs, and locked into the No. 7 seed for the lottery. There was not even the tiniest slivers of pride to salvage with this game -- this season was a mess, and that's even with a four-percent improvement in the win column.

Rodney Stuckey may have left a lasting impression that could earn him millions more, which he'll certainly deserve IF he plays like he did over the last five games -- 25.2 points and 9.4 assists opposite 3.6 turnovers per game -- with his last two being particularly special. It's a dude playing for a contract against average teams until he proves otherwise. Unfortunately, otherwise won't come before a heavy price tag.

As for Monroe, well he fittingly grabbed the final rebound and put up the final point of the season for the team, clinching his 21st double-double and giving us that super-comfy-Motel 6-he'll-leave-the-light-on-for-us type of feeling heading into next season - if Motel 6 was a five-star hotel.

Anyway, I'm planning to write an obituary of some sort for this season, to give it its proper burial and move on, but that won't come until tomorrow or Friday. There will also be posts on the potential departures of IsoTay Prince, Ben Wallace, and possibly even Rip, because as much as we hated two of the three this season, they still have quite a legacy as Pistons, worthy of celebrating. Change is coming, but -- for now -- let's just revel in the fact that this season is officially over.

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  • John Kuester, was this a good year?
    I'll tell you this, I know we've won four out of the last five, and guys played hard. I'm proud of them. It's pretty neat when you can say you won your last game and all
    .Goodbye, John. We hardly knew ya.