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Pistons sale to Tom Gores to be 'closed' by end of May

Earlier this morning, Vince Ellis dispelled the notion that the Pistons would be technically owned by a private equity firm.

Per SI's Chris Mannix, we find out the timetable of when this thing will be officially done:

Stern: Interviewed Tom Gores yesterday. Closing scheduled for no later than June 30th but assured deal will be done by end of May.

If the Pistons are going to wait until the ownership issue is completely taken care of, we could be looking at another firing of the head coach just before free agency begins. In fact, Dumars can't make a decision and Gores can't influence a decision until the league's board of governors get a chance to approve Gores bid to buy the team.

For what it's worth, Kuester didn't fly back with the team after their game in Philadelphia - he stayed back with his family and they all shared a laugh at that one time his team embarrassed him in front of them.