Meet the New Boss... Same as the Old Boss?


The Detroit News quotes Karen Davidson speaking about Tom Gores: "I can not tell you how certain I am that Tom Gores is the right person for this team, and he is going to bring a passion to this that others would not," Davidson said. "He is a man who is smart. He is a man who works hard." In Gores, she said, the team will have an owner with zeal for the game, who understands how to run multiple businesses simultaneously, who is smart and engages people on an intensely personal level. "I always felt that he was eventually going to be the owner after I met him in August of 2010," Davidson said. "He had a passion and, like Bill, he has the ability to juggle a lot of balls in the air. Tom is like Bill. He has a lot of businesses, a lot of people are dependent on him and he has a really bright mind." She also speaks about her late husband's wishes for the team to stay in the family: "Legally, as sole trustee and beneficiary, it was my decision," she said of her husband's appointment of her as the only trustee of the WMD Family Trust, which owns the Pistons, The Palace and the affiliated entertainment enterprises such as DTE Energy Theater. "He very generously said I can do what I want with it. Bill was not a power-trip person. He was just not a man to push anything on anyone. I could have learned the business, I suppose, if I'd wanted. But by the time I did, it would have disintegrated. "You know what I'm like? I like asking the players how their children are. That's what I do!"