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2011 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Mock Draft Update

We're only a week and half away from the NBA draft and there's utterly no consensus among the usual draftniks for whom the Pistons might target. It's maddening. Let's take a peek at the confusion. From Tom Ziller at the SBN NBA mothership:

8. Detroit Pistons: Kemba Walker, PG, UConn

The Pistons' roster needs a massive overhaul. Walker's a brilliant piece to build around.

In the latest mock posted at DraftExpress, dated June 14, Walker goes to the Raptors with the No. 5 pick, with Jan Vesely sliding to No. 8. (If you're keeping score at home, Ziller predicts Vesely will go at No. 5. See what I mean? Nuts.)

What about Bismack Biyombo? Both Ziller and DX predict he'll slide to No. 11 to the Warriors. Fortunately Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick doesn't think the Pistons will pass on DBB's favorite Congolese big man, predicting he'll go at No. 8:

Pistons officials are said to be fond of the Congolese big man, whom they see as the next Ben Wallace, and that should be enough to inspire them to pass up on the enticing chance to choose Vesely. The love affair with Biyombo runs deep, though Detroit is also believed to be considering Lithuanian forward-center Donatas Motiejunas and Texas power forward Tristan Thompson. Biyombo worked out for teams at the Eurocamp that concluded on Monday and was reportedly unimpressive. Nonetheless, the offense-heavy session was irrelevant for anyone who was already intrigued by the raw skill, length and athleticism that have been turning heads for some time.

Over at HoopsWorld, five writers select four different players -- Walker, Biyombo, Vesely and Enes Kanter. adds a fifth: Jonas Valanciunas. Chad Ford said Valanciunas at No. 8 in his last mock, but that was posted on June 8, so who knows if that's still true. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to get some aspirin.