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NBA Draft 2011 Live Thread: where sober and spirited or drunk and surly happens

NBA Draft 2011 is just hours away and the mock speculation is still entirely rampant.  Last second NBA draft trade rumors have teams jockeying for position in one of the most uncertain drafts in recent history.  Is there any clarity here?  Is there any way we fans can just hide under a rock and wait for the smoke to clear?  This is either going to be really good, really bad... or entirely unsatisfying.

Draft coverage begins on ESPN at 7:00p.m. EST.  It looks like a live stream of the draft will be available on, which begins at 7:30p.m. EST.  Cross your fingers, Pistons fans.  This here is your 2011 NBA Draft open thread.

[FYI - "Pistons pick at No. 8 - assuming they keep it - should come at about 8:20 pm. NBA sked actually calls for them to pick at 8:18:39." via Keith Langlois]