Keith Sweat Langlois' Thoughts on Coaching Search


Take what Langlois says for what it's worth, but I'd like to think a guy that is actually employed by the Pistons has a little knowledge of what's happening. I'll paraphrase: -Woodson makes sense as the frontrunner as having ties to the Pistons and being a successful head coach. -Sampson impressed him by beating an overrated MSU team that included Paul Charmin Davis. -Mark Jackson is already hired. Also, he didn't fit into Keith's three types of coaches: previous head coaches, assistants who are ready for the head job, and guys with ties to Detroit. Apparently he forgot to include a category for Mark Jackson called "completely asinine since he has absolutely no coaching background". Then he says he wouldn't be surprised if Jackson was very successful, but the last time he said that about a first year guy with "perspective, communication skills, and basketball intellect", it was about Mike Curry. Yikes. -Laimbeer should be taken more seriously this time around than the past two times the Pistons have been searching for coaches, although he would be surprised if the Lamb even landed an interview. -Budenholzer, Newman, Casey are all lumped into one group as long shots. Curiously, there's no mention of Lawrence Frank, who I would put third on my list behind Budenholzer (after reading Matt Watson's piece on him) and Laimbeer. I don't want Woodson since Joe wouldn't go after Josh Smith, and I sure as hell don't want Kelvin Sampson's sad face on the bench. My thoughts. Now yours.