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Agent: Jonas Jerebko not looking to play overseas

Will everyone's favorite Swede follow DaJuan Summers to Europe? Not likely, Jonas Jerebko's agent tells Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Doug Neustadt, who represents Jerebko, said this week that an overseas assignment was not being considered.

"Jonas views himself as an NBA player," Neustadt said. "We are not looking to go over there.

"If something comes up we will look at it, but we are not actively looking. We are not going over there just to go over."

As much as I'm inclined to file this under "things we already knew," it's actually a fair question. For one, the culture shock most NBA players would experience naturally wouldn't apply. And second, he's a known entity for international scouts, given his years of pro experience in Europe (two in Sweden, two in Italy) and appearances on Sweden's national team.

I won't be surprised in the least if Jerebko is presented with European offers, but as one of the most coveted big men on the market, he'd almost certainly make a lot more money staying stateside, even if there are drastic changes to the CBA.

Update: According to a Turkish TV station, Deron Williams has agreed to play in Turkey, with an out clause for when the lockout ends. This doesn't directly pertain to Jerebko's situation, but if this is legit (and that's a big "if" until we see D-Will holding up a Turkish jersey), it's proof that the lure of European money is strong, and that playing overseas is apparently an option not only for free agents but also players in the middle of NBA contracts. (Hat-tip: Hoopshype)