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Here are some Austin Daye highlights from Baltimore

These are from a week ago, but we received a YouTube clip this morning of Austin Daye highlights from his 23-point performance for the Goodman League all-stars (Durant, Daye, etc.) against the Melo League stars (made up of Carmelo, LeBron, etc). Daye's team lost a defensive battle, 149-141:

Dan Feldman at PistonPowered was there and relayed his observations on Daye's overall performance:

He played relatively straightforwardly when everyone else was going for flash. That’s a big reason he scored 23 points, fourth-most in the game behind Durant, LeBron James (32) and Carmelo Anthony (27). I’m not sure Daye’s scoring showed anything about his NBA ability, though.

But Daye’s defense impressed me. He blocked a few shots and challenged a few more. Sure, Gary Neal made a few 3-pointers over him, and LeBron dunked on him. But that was a product of being there. Most defenders never got close enough to be embarrassed. Throughout the contest, I said Daye was the the Defensive Player of the Game.

Livin' the lockout dream.