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Pistons offense continues to sputter, Bulls win 92-68

For as awful and mutinous as last year's team was, they never turned in three straight losses by 16 or more points. That hadn't been done by a Pistons team in 32 years until this year's team accomplished it Saturday against the Knicks. With a 92-68 loss to the Bulls Monday night, they've now done the unspeakable in four straight games. And the 68 points? Yeah, another low-point last year's embarrassment never reached.*

The Pistons had more turnovers than points in the fourth quarter (10-9) against the Bulls, so I think it's safe to say that's where they lost the game -- you can't win games when you turn the ball over more than you score. Pistons had four turnovers and four misses before their first points over four minutes into the fourth (that's a lot of horrible fours, like the number of years we re-signed Tayshaun Prince). When the clock struck all zeroes, the Pistons were 3-for-14 shooting in the final frame and staring at a 24-point loss, their fourth straight and 13th straight to the Bulls.

Carlos Boozer led the Bulls with 23 points on 9-for-13 shooting and added eight rebounds, a block, and two assists. Boozer has always been a Piston-killer, but he's 18-for-28 this season with 42 points and averaged 27 & 10 last year all while shooting over 65-percent. For as good as he was with the Jazz against the Pistons, he's been better with the Bulls.

The one bright spot for the Pistons was none other than Greg Monroe, who had a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds. He also had a career high six assists.

  • *I'd still take this year's team over last year's team.
  • Remember the times when the Pistons won games when scoring less than 70? It was a glorious time when Prince was our fifth best player, Carlos Boozer was killing us (with the Jazz) and Brian Scalabrine was haunting us (with the Nets). Oh, nothing has changed really, except times are not glorious.
  • 12 shots, tied for the most on the team tonight. Four more years.
  • The other team-high 12 shots inexplicably went to Jason Maxiell. He made one.
  • Brandon Knight scored 13 points on 6-for-10 shooting, had five rebounds, one assist and four turnovers in 36-plus minutes. He continues to show flashes, but he's as much of a work in progress as the Pistons' offense outside of Greg Monroe.
  • It's inexcusable that players not named Monroe and Gordon combined for 24 shots, and only made six.
  • Jerebko was invisible on Monday night except for one magnificent slam dunk shot.
  • "Pistons must feel like LSU -- they scored 68." - Steve Levy on SportsCenter. LSU scored zero, but lost by less. Interestingly enough, Joe Dumars is an LSU fan (and Pistons beat writer Vince Ellis is a 'bama alum).
  • Pistons say drawing positives from games like these are all they can do:
  • "That’s what this season is about," Pistons guard Ben Gordon said. "With the condensed schedule, so packed together, it would be foolish not to, from game to game, focus on the positives and try to draw whatever positive things you can from game to game."

    Will Bynum agreed.

    "It’s the only way," he said.
    ... Greg Monroe.

  • Lawrence Frank saw some improvements on defense:
    "I definitely saw improved defense. We got back in transition much better. On offense we were making the right plays. But when you play a high-end team like this, you have to play four quarters."
  • Pistons play the Mavericks Tuesday night at the Palace. Hopefully Dallas had too much fun at the White House.
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