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Pistons riding franchise's worst 4-game losing streak

When the Pistons lost to the Knicks by more than three touchdowns on Saturday night, it marked the first time in 32 years the team had lost by 16 or more points in three consecutive games. Well, you just had to think that last night's drubbing to the Bulls, the team's fourth straight loss by 16 or more, is some kind of record. As it turns out, it most certainly is, thanks to MLIVE again for digging up the research:

The Detroit Pistons achieved a franchise first Monday night, when another blowout loss marked the first time in their 64-year history that they lost four consecutive games by 16 points or more.

That history includes eight years in Fort Wayne, Ind., from the 1948-49 season to the 1956-57 season, before the Pistons moved to Detroit.

I don't know if it's the worst four-game losing streak in the history of the NBA, but I imagine it's close. I do know that the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't lose more than three straight by 16 or more points last year when they lost an NBA record 26 straight games.

At least the Pistons don't play the defending NBA champions tonight...