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Lawrence Frank: Pistons are with child

The Pistons are bad. They are 30th in points per game, 30th in turnover rate, 30th in efficiency, 30th in win shares, 30th in PER, 27th in pace, 26th in field goal and opposing field goal percentage, 26th in true shooting percentage, and yeah, they don't get any better -- I think you get the picture.

Lawrence Frank has been adamant that the Pistons are a "work in progress," though, or as he less aptly put it after arguably the worst loss of the season: going through "labor pains," like a pregnancy:

"Not to be insensitive, everybody wants the baby, you have to go through the pregnancy. These are going to be labor pains. Everybody wants to be Chicago or Dallas, but those teams took lumps, too. And we're taking ours."

To get to labor, that would imply that Joe Dumars has done some, you know. He might look pregnant, but he hasn't made enough shrewd moves to warrant anybody suggesting this team is ready to birth a Larry O'Brien baby.

In all reality, as PistonPowered points out, the Pistons are the babies and what we've been subjected to the last five games is dripping vernix caseosa. That shit's disgusting.

"This process may be very painful," Frank said of the rebuilding. "There are no easy answers here."

Ironically, the real pain is Tayshaun Prince. Somebody should've cut that cord, right?

At least we have Greg "Doula" Monroe.