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Pistons at Bobcats: the most exciting game in the history of basketball

Two of the league's worst teams face off in a sure-thing thriller tonight. There will be stars role players, there will be excitement 41.9% shooting, and at the end of the night, one team will be victorious slightly edge out the other. Hey at least for those of us who will watch tonight's game-- there will be Greg Monroe.

Game Tips at 7:00 P.M. EST

Detroit Pistons: 2 - 9 (0 - 5 road)

Charlotte Bobcats: 2 - 9 (1 - 4 home)

The Situation:

It's got to sting when your most productive player is BJ Mullens. That's precisely what's going on in Charlotte, as their roster is rounded out by basketball visionaries like DJ Augustin and Walter Sharpe DJ White. There are other players of note, like Gerald Henderson, Corey Maggette, Boris Diaw and Kemba Walker, but these four have been as harmful as helpful in the best of times. The picture is pretty dire in Charlotte, despite what appeared to be a strong effort by GM Rich Cho.

The Pistons and the Bobcats are matched in efficiency from the field, with both teams shooting 41.9%. On the other end, Charlotte's defense is slightly superior, but due to Detroit's slower pace they allow less points per game. Charlotte is at the king of that poop heap, allowing a league-leading 102.7 points per game. The Pistons should salivate when looking at the Bobcats, because tonight would be the perfect night to establish some confidence on offense.

While the Pistons do suck this season, it's possible that the Bobcats suck worse (even with the addition of Blocks and Dunks). And if you're a Bobcat fan reading this preview, don't feel bad. I'm being more negative than usual because we rarely ever get to trash talk anymore. With that-- suck it, Charlotte.

Keys to the Game:

Feed Moose.

Question of the Game:

Which 41.9% shooting Eastern Conference team will be the first to ten losses? The riveting story begins shortly.