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Morning Shootaround: 3-10 Pistons causing all kinds of distress

The Pistons are on the road, where they've only won one stinking game this season, taking on the Houston Rockets tonight. Let's shoot the roundball rock around, nothin' but internet.

  • The big story last night dealt with the Pistons' plane needing to make an emergency landing after a "distress call." Apparently there were "problems with the hydraulics operating the aircraft’s left-side landing gear," but it was never serious and the 44 passengers didn't even know about it until they landed safely. I'm not an aerospace engineer, but my wife's dad is as smart as one and he says that even if a major system failed, aircrafts have enough backups so that a single failure wouldn't pose any real problems. We have exclusive audio from the cockpit right before the safe landing.
  • ShirleySurely, there's a good joke in here about Austin Daye flying the plane from three-point range and everyone being safe because he can't hit anything from out there, right? Right? Someone smarter/funnier than me (anyone) want to clean/change that up for a laugh? Kthnx. [Really bad Daye stats from MrHappyMushroom]
  • Before the Pistons embarked on a two-game road trip, and four games in the next five nights, they held their first practice in 11 days [via MLIVE]:
  • "As opposed to trying to cure all your ills, you just put a couple things under the microscope," Frank said, then rattled them staccato, mostly related to shrinking the floor defensively though post digs, pick-and-roll defense, not chasing shot fakes, and "multiple efforts to get back into the play."

    Offensive work focused on sets and reads, and pick-and-roll execution, Frank said.
  • The Pistons are 26th in the NBA in FG-percentage (42-percent). Per mySynergySports, they're worst at scoring on Isolayshaun (32-percent), off screen (34-percent), and pick-and-roll ball handler shots (35-percent).
  • Even if they don't mean it, the players are saying the right things this season: Rodney Stuckey says he would be just fine with a bench role:
  • "I think starting is only getting your name called at the beginning of the game," Stuckey said. "I'm just trying to help my team win." [...]

    Stuckey said he has "no ego" one way or the other. He said he's far more concerned with recovering fully from his injury, something that will only take time.

    "Nah, I don't really care. If I start or come off the bench, I'm blessed," Stuckey said. "Whether I'm the sixth man, seventh man, I don't worry about that."

  • Vincent Goodwill reported on Twitter that Charlie Villanueva did not make the trip, so he will be out at least the next two games. Will Bynum is day-to-day, which sounds healthier than just being Daye.
  • Greg Monroe rhymes with Fap Fap-fap
  • Thanks to The Boourns, we can see Monroe and Jonas Jerebko should be favorites to play on the sophomore team during All-Star weekend. Vote for them to make the All-Star Game, though (gd link in the f'n comments).
  • The inevitable "Lawrence is frank" story from
  • Follow the newest Pistons beat writer on Twitter, Vincent Goodshill. I'm very excited for his #blocks and fake beat tweets.

    Around the NBA
  • Javal McGee was benched after throwing himself an alley-oop. A Detroit sports radio host wants Dumars to get all grabby.
  • Is Ryan Anderson the NBA's most improved player? I'd say Monroe is more improved than Anderson.[UPDATE: I saw after posting this there's already been a conversation on Monroe's MIP status. And - PS - deserves a Swiss watch for this.
  • The Sixers have a top defense and Michael Curry is getting credit.
  • Poor Kris Humphries.
  • Dwight Howard wouldn't mind playing for the Clippers now....Nets, Mavericks, and Lakers are the other three teams on his wish list.