The Flying Firsts of Walter Hinton - by Professor Benjamin J. Burns


Hey everyone, I know there are a lot of folks out here that enjoy reading of all kinds and possibly a particular interest in the history of our country. To that end, my Dad has just published his first historical non-fiction and figured y'all might be interested. While his publisher is looking to gouge people on price, I do believe I can get you the book for less if you have a particular interest. We can sort out how if you're interested. Anyways, my Father is a life-long journalist who during his early years in the profession had the opportunity to accumulate more than 40 hours of personal interviews with Walter Hinton. Many don't know who Walter Hinton is, but he was truly a trailblazer and adventurer during the very early years of aviation. Most overlook Hinton's accomplishments in favor of Lindbergh and Earhart whose stories may have been more marketable (first solo non-stop across the Atlantic, first female pilot, etc.). Regardless, it doesn't diminish the fact that Hinton and his band of Aviation Adventurers were crazy and passionate about the evolution of Flight. Not only were they the first to fly across the Atlantic, but Hinton was also one of the first to do aerial exploration of the Amazon and was the first to fly a plane from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere going from NYC to Rio de Janeiro. I'm getting my copy of the book in the mail hopefully this weekend and will perhaps post a snippet of it in case you want to see a preview of the book. Anyways, let me know if you're interested!