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Deja Vu in Philly: 76ers 95, Pistons 74

On the back-end of a back-to-back, especially after a couple heartbreakers at home against upper echelon opponents, it's none too surprising that the 4-17 Pistons rolled over against the Atlantic Division's first place team in Philadelphia (yeah, I had to double-check -- the Sixers are 14-6 and in first place).

I mocked the fluff pub of progress in the game thread by pointing out that the Pistons only lost by 21 points when their last loss against the Sixers this season was by 23 points. Then I realized that Philly didn't have Spencer Hawes.

Hawes' absence was evident on the glass and underneath; Detroit outrebounded Philly 44-42 despite missing 14 extra shots and had 38 points in the paint to Philly's 26. But Philadelphia held the edge on fast break points (18-8), talent, and hit 9-of-15 three-pointers. Andre Iguodala had a triple-double with all 10s on his 28th birthday and at one point it was a legitimate concern the Pistons were not going to break 60 points.

The Pistons got to 74 but it took 19 points in the final six garbage minutes of the game to get there with Walker Russell, Brandon Knight, Damien Wilkins, Austin Daye, and Vernon Macklin on the court.

Greg Monroe picked up his ninth double-double of the season with 16 points (on 6-for-19 shooting) and 10 rebounds.

  • It was Greg Monroe's sixth double-double in his last eight games. He also was T'd up for the first time this season, which one could see coming in recent weeks.
  • Brandon Knight was 4-for-17 shooting, had five rebounds and three assists (two turnovers). In his last five games, he's shooting 26-for-58 (45-percent) and averaging 4.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists (2.4 turnovers) per game.
  • The Pistons were 1-for-18 on pick-and-roll plays.
  • Austin Daye with his third straight game in double figures, although six came in those junk minutes. He is 19-for-37 shooting in his last three games, though, and averaging 14 points per game in just under 30 minutes.
  • In 37 minutes vs. the Sixers this year, Jason Maxiell is 9-for-15 shooting and has 12 rebounds.
  • Stuckey was 3-for-9 and clearly playing hurt, which is admirable yet still hurtful to the team. But I don't think they have any other choice right now while Bynum and Gordon are out. Walker Russell saw 25 minutes, but he was 1-for-8 shooting.
  • There was this, though:
  • 76ers kiss cam just focused on Stuckey and Monroe on #Pistons bench. So Rodney gave Greg a little peck on the head. Drew a loud laugh.
    Jan 29 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

  • What did Jonas Jerebko do to only warrant nine minutes?
  • This Iguodala dunk ... wow.
  • Vernon Macklin had a nice alley-oop from Walker Russell. Look at Macklin's per 36 numbers!
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