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Pistons at Raptors: What can Andre Drummond do for an encore?

Detroit looks to win its second consecutive preseason game against Toronto. Andre Drummond shined in his first (pretend) NBA action. Can he possibly play as well the second time around?

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It has been a long wait for Pistons fans to see their team back on the court, but Detroit fans were not disappointed in the game's first effort -- a 101-99 victory over the Toronto Raptors. Can they do it again?

Game Tips at 7 PM ET -- NBATV and 950AM

Toronto Raptors: 1-1

Detroit Pistons: 1-0

The Situation

Brandon Knight played well and did "point guard things," Greg Monroe scored down low and delivered some great passes to cutting teammates, Jonas Jerebko provided efficient offense and hustle plays off the bench and Andre Drummond was the night's biggest surprise.

A player who the team has taken great pains to say would not be rushed onto the court played a spectacular first game -- 12 points on 6-of-8 shooting with seven rebounds, two steals, two blocks and some spectacular highlight plays.

Pistons fans now want to pencil him into the starting lineup but others are urging caution. But each strong performance puts him one step closer on serious minutes this season.

Other things of interest tonight -- what will the rotation look like? I imagine that the starters will remain the same but I would be shocked if we didn't see new blood off the bench. Coach Lawrence Frank kept the rotation short in the first game, preferring to give less players more minutes.

Hopefully we can see fellow rookies Kim English, Khris Middelton and Slava Kravtsov as well as intriguing players like Terrence Williams and Jonny Flynn. Oh yeah, and Austin Daye, too.

Keys to the Game

Brandon Knight -- Continued improvement please. More passing, less turning it over, more good decisions.

Andre Drummond -- More blocks, more dunks

New bench -- I want to see English and Slava, damn it.

Question of the Game

What will the final stat line for Drummond look like?