Kravtsov nickname: Ctrl+V

Generally speaking, I resist sports fans' temptation to nickname every player on every team. Not every player needs a nickname, especially not in an era in which a combination of a given player's first initial and the first syllable of his last name (D-Will for Deron Williams, D-Rose for Derrick Rose), or a given player's first and last initials combined with his uniform number (CP3 for Chris Paul) can pass for a nickname.

But Matt Moore, who covers the NBA for more online outlets than is reasonable or healthy, has a stellar nickname for Detroit rookie Viacheslav Kravtsov. It's Ctrl+V. Here's Moore's explanation:

It's an elegant nickname and has the ancillary benefit of making sense on a different level: Kravstov's first name starts with "V," meaning this nickname happens to echo his real one. If one wanted to be cute, one could also begin referring to Charlie Villanueva as Out-of-Ctrl-V.

What say you, Pistons faithful? Is Ctrl+V an acceptable nickname for Viacheslav Kravtsov?

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