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Lawrence Frank will continue to use preseason in search of Pistons rotation

The Detroit Pistons continue their preseason schedule with a game against the Orlando Magic on Tuesday night. Lawrence Frank plans to use at least the next few games to figure out what his regular season rotation might be. All that and more in today's Morning Shootaround.

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The 1-2 preseason Pistons are back at The Palace to do exhibition battle with the 0-3 Orlando Magic Tuesday night. We've seen some encouraging things in the first three games -- namely Andre Drummond -- and some of the same, expected things. What we haven't seen is Lawrence Frank's regular season rotation. That will materialize over the final five preseason games:

"You’ll get a little more normalcy," he said of his substitution patterns now compared to how he will use players in the regular season. "For tomorrow, you may see some different combinations so I can evaluate what they look like. But each game, you get closer and closer. Maybe not tomorrow, but starting maybe past that is look at what a first-half rotation would look like and to build it so by (preseason games) seven and eight, then you can look at what a real rotation would look like. There’s still a lot of competition and things are always fluid."

Langlois says "it would be an upset" if the starting lineup isn't the same that ended last season -- Greg Monroe, Jason Maxiell, Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight -- and Jonas Jerebko and Corey Maggette are "pretty safe bets" to be the first two off the bench. Beyond that, it will be interesting to see how Frank finds time for Drummond and the other rookies, all of whom have played well in their respective minutes [MLIVE]:

"Basically what we do is put together the practices and the games," he said. "Every day I rank every single player. This is now practice 13 with three exhibition games. I look at where my rankings are now and start to make some adjustments accordingly.

"Every day is separate but you see if there are some common trends there."