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When should Andre Drummond become a starter?

The Pistons return to the preseason hardwood on Thursday night against the defending champions, Miami Heat. Before tip off, we get to the above question and more in the latest Morning Shootaround.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

In the Pistons' preseason game against the Orlando Magic, Andre Drummond saw time on the floor with Greg Monroe for the first time. Drummond brought the blocks and dunks again, including an alley-oop from Monroe, and overall their time together was a net positive. Following the game, Monroe was asked about playing more with Drummond:

The natural progression is to have Drummond one day starting alongside Monroe -- but how soon? XstreamINsanity has a great FanPost answering why Drummond should not be a starter just yet. I tend to agree with almost everything he has to say there, although I don't think it's about confidence concerns. I also liked aussipiston's comment about making Drummond continue to work for the start rather than it being somewhat gifted to him based on a high draft status and a few good games against bad opponents in the preseason.

Drummond will probably start sometime this season and in the meantime I don't think it's a horrible alternative to have a player like him coming off the bench for half the game. Starting or not, I'm more worried about him receiving a good chunk of minutes every night. If in those minutes he continues to put up monster numbers, then Frank needs to re-evaluate accordingly.

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