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Pistons at Heat: Preseason continues against defending champs

The Pistons are in Miami to play their fifth preseason game against the defending champs, the Miami Heat.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Game Tip: 7:30 p.m. ET

Detroit Pistons: 2-2

Miami Heat: 1-2

The Situation

Here's the honest to Jod situation. I'm in deep with the Tigers about to clinch the AL pennant on their way to the World Series and we're about five minutes to tip off. For a stellar preseason game preview, head over to the Miami Heat SB Nation Blog, Peninsula is Mightier.

Keys to the Game (mostly cut and pasted)

Continue to experiment: Frank says he will continue to mix and match to piece together the right rotation for when the regular season tips. He only has a couple games remaining to do this before putting the regular rotation into motion for the last of the preseason games in final preparation for the opener on Halloween.

Brandon Knight growth: Point guardy things are up, but so are the turnovers. While one is encouraging, the other is obviously not. Knight needs to focus on making smart passes when looking to get his teammates involved before himself.

Stay healthy: It's the preseason -- nobody needs to get hurt out there.

Question of the Game

Will Austin Daye make any kind of case for a rotation spot? Piston Powered thinks he could.