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Bobcats at Pistons: preseason action returns to the Palace

Pistons go from the best team in the league to the worst. This one ought to be more fun to watch, and no Tigers game to distract.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Game tip: 7:30 EDT

Charlotte Bobcats: 1-3
Detroit Pistons: 2-3

Coming off a blowout at the league’s best team, the Pistons head to last year’s worst team. There’s a ton of storylines heading into this game. The return of Ben Gordon, who’s averaging 16.8 ppg (or 24 per 36) the Pistons gave up a first round pick to get that expiring injured guy. A BLOCKS AND DUNKS DBB favorite from last year versus our very own early season BLOCKS AND DUNKer.

But the one I’m most interested in is the contest between...subpar second year point guards. Neither Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker has been particularly good in the preseason, but tend to have considerable similarities. In the early going, both have scored fine but Knight has racked up more assists while Walker has assembled a much better A/TO ratio.

With only a few games left to the season, Frank seems to be whittling his rotation down. Tonight should be a good sign of who makes the cut.

Random thing to keep an eye out for:

B.J. Mullens apparently decided to become a three point shooter. He’s averaging 8 per game so far this preseason at a 44% clip. Weird.

Keys to the game:

Don’t have a game on the same night as a Tigers playoff game: Check.

Play Moose and Drummond together: Chemistry is a good thing.

Knight outplays Walker: Before Knight can turn his attention to the best pgs in the league, he should at least be beating out his fellow-crappy point guards from his draft class.