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Pistons wrap up the preseason against the Hawks

After a lousy showing in Winnepeg, Detroit heads home for the game before next week’s season opener.


Is it just me, or has this preseason been underwhelming? Even by preseason standards. Moose, Stuckey, Jonas, and Knight are all a bit lackluster, the castaways didn’t pan out, and our crappy guys really stink. Fun fact: Villanueva and Daye are both shooting under 20 percent. Breathe in…breathe out…TWENTY!!!

The Hawks haven’t had that problem. Josh Smith and Al Horford are doing their things, a couple of late-round rookies are looking interesting, even Anthony Tolliver and DeShawn Stevenson are getting in on it. But that backcourt…it might be a concerning. But overall, this revamped Hawks team looks like they might be able to compete while also have gotten themselves a heck of a lot more fiscally sound. Who’s their GM?

Keys to the game:

Feed the Moose: Josh Smith and Al Horford aren’t an easy front line, but that’s what the preseason’s for. Move him around, let him use his advantages against each.

Play the logical lineup: everyone wants to see it. Let’s see it.

Starting center: it’s up for grabs. Drummond has outplayed Maxiell in every way this preseason – and Maxiell has played really well for him. Brahma Bull had a rough game in Canada, but bringing it tonight will create the only storyline beat writers have to work with for the next five days: should Drummond start?

Question of the game: pics? No, really, read that link – it’s hilarious and family friendly. H/t to Packey.