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How 'watchable' are the Pistons?


While Seth Rosenthal ranked the Pistons 24th in SB Nation's power rankings, Mike Prada dropped the Pistons to No. 25 in overall "watchability:"


Dominance: 3.5. I believe in the Pistons making a bit of a jump this year, but they still have a way to go before being a playoff team.

WOW factor: 8. This is entirely because of Andre Drummond. Have you seen his preseason highlight mix?

Drama: 3. The Pistons will play in some close games like anyone does, but they'll also be blown out a lot because they're a bad team.

Aesthetic Beauty: 3.5. This promises to improve with the addition of Drummond and continued development from Brandon Knight, but last year they had an offense that relied on Greg Monroe's efficient but mechanical post game and Rodney Stuckey putting his head down to draw fouls. This isn't the prettiest team in the world to watch, that's for sure.

Intrigue: 3. Again, only because of Drummond.

Hilarity scale: 0. Nothing really stands out. I would find Charlie Villanueva funny, but Pistons fans won't.

TOTAL SCORE: 21. Without Drummond, there'd be no reason to watch these guys play.

To recap: Vegas hates us and outside observers don't want to watch us. Get excited for the new season, y'all!

I can't argue with Prada's dismal "dominance" rating, and while I think he's being generous with "WOW factor," I'm certainly not going to complain. I do think we're being slighted on "aesthetic beauty," though, and not just for obvious, Swedish reasons. While Monroe's graceful passing hasn't quite reached Chris Webber levels, it isn't too far off. There's no accounting for taste, I suppose, but well executed post play can be just as fun to watch as endless fast breaks. (The counter point? Isolayshaun. So, uh, nevermind.)

As for intrigue: Will Lawrence Frank last the entire year? Will Drummond start? Will any of the other rookies amount to anything? Will Maggette/Maxiell/Bynum be traded at the deadline? Will Brandon Knight develop point guard skills? Will Rodney Stuckey take the next step to All-Star status? There are a ton of questions surrounding this team. Maybe not enough to drive national interest, but certainly enough to keep the fans entertained from game to game.