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Ty Lawson signs extension with Nuggets

And Pistons fans weep. Perhaps it's a little premature to imagine the good (and not good) things the Pistons will be able to do with that shiny pot of money in the offseason, but one of the best players set to be available is now officially off the market.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

In 2009, the Detroit Pistons had a bunch of money and no one to spend it on. Or, more accurately, they spent it on two players but they certainly shouldn't have. That year the Pistons committed more than $90 million to Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, who some had pegged as the two best free agents available.

Now, with a trade of the aforementioned Gordon and the likely amnesty of Villanueva following the season and some expiring contracts, the Pistons will once again have lots of money to spend in the offseason.

But it would sure help if there were quality players to spend it on this time around.

Already two of perhaps the three best possible free agents are off the market -- James Harden was recently traded to the Houston Rockets and signed to a max extension, and today Ty Lawson appears to have come to an agreement to stay with the Nuggets for four more years.

And with every passing day I am trying to psyche myself up for what seems like the inevitable Josh Smith era in Detroit. Hopefully he can bring along new teammate Anthony Morrow with him.