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Pistons tip off regular season on Halloween night: Will they surprise us this season?

The Pistons begin their 2012-2013 season with a spooky home opener against the Houston Rockets, now with more James Harden and beard. Get ready for the season with a morning shootaround full of click-worthy links.


Last night was opening night in the NBA, but everyone knows the real opening night is Halloween night when the Pistons tip off at The Palace. "Dear trick-or-treaters, I'm watching the Pistons and can't be bothered with doing point guard things with this candy, so please take one, as taking more than one will only increase your chances of getting the candy I've laced with poison. Happy Halloween!"

The Pistons open their season against the Houston Rockets, a game that has become a whole lot more interesting with the Rockets' recent trade acquisition of James Harden. Harden, last year's Sixth Man of the Year for the runner-up Thunder, will now become the "foundational player" of the Rockets. MFMP will have more on the Rockets and the game later, though. For now, let's hit the layup links:

What else you got before game time?