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Detroit Pistons on Twitter: Who's worth following?


If you're reading this and you have a Twitter account, chances are good you already follow @DetroitBadBoys and @detroitpistons. But given all the changes to the roster, are you following all the new Pistons? Here's your handy guide of who's on Twitter so you can keep track of who's ready to #RiseAndGrind each morning, who RTs the most fawning fans, and who's doling out life lessons.

(Note: I'm probably missing a few guys -- seems like there have been a dozen fake Rodney Stuckey accounts created over the years -- but these are the official accounts listed by the team.)

Let's hit the young guys first. Don't be fooled by @andredrummond, because that protected account belongs to some Brazilian dude who's only tweeted twice. But with a creative use of underscores, young Dre has carved out his spot on Twitter here: @DRE_DRUMMOND_

Also, free relationship advice:

Khris Middleton wears 32 in the NBA but still has his old college number in his Twitter handle (@Khris22m). We're both confused why his rookie card has 23, though:

Kyle Singler, who can be found @KyleSingler, is pretty active on Twitter and gets extra credit for dipping into Instagram. Unfortunately he's boring as hell.

Kim English (@Englishscope24) is cleaning out his closet:

Also, a warning for everyone who might #MessWithMoose:

Corey Maggette (@ghostC5M) tweets in bursts, specializing in motivational messages about waking up:

Brandon Knight (@BrandonKnight07) is a sporadic tweeter. Here's not to hoping he's not a literal one:

You kind of have to follow Jonas Jerebko (@JonasJerebko), because, well, for Jonas. But man, his feed makes Kyle Singler seem interesting.

Jason Maxiell (@JasonMaxiell) doesn't tweet much, but when he does, it's gold:

Austin Daye (@Adaye5) mostly just wants you know what's he's watching on TV:

Once upon a time, Charlie Villanueva (@CV31) was hilarious on Twitter, one of the first professional athletes to really embrace the medium. Of course, this was before he joined the Pistons, wrecked the salary cap and tested our collective fandom with his mere presence on the roster. But whatever. He likes big trucks, so that's cool, I guess.

Honorable Mentions:

James "Buddha" Edwards (@Jbuddha53) is on Twitter! And he has impeccable reading habits:

Rick Mahorn (@badboyhorn44) has no patience for bandwagon-ass cats:

Am I missing anybody?