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Five reasons to be excited about the Pistons

Some stupid jerk is actually excited about the situation the Detroit Pistons find themselves in. Who could be so dumb? Me. Check out the five reasons why and list your own reasons why you are excited or unexcited about the Pistons.

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Training camp is here and the regular season is mere weeks away. Naturally, I'm excited, but even as the early season joy fades and the Pistons have what I think will be a mediocre season there are still plenty of reasons to be excited.

Sheridan Hoops asked Detroit Bad Boys to list the five reasons to be excited about the Detroit Pistons. Our answer: Only five? The reasons I listed:

  1. Greg Monroe
  2. Light at the end of the tunnel
  3. Tom Gores
  4. Lawrence Frank
  5. Young supporting cast

The second reason is probably the least obvious so I'll provide an excerpt that hopefully gives an indication of the STELLAR quality of the writing and the reasoning . Go read the whole thing and leave some DBB-quality comments. I've already been scolded for not highlighting Brandon Knight because he apparently had a "stellar season."

2. Light at the end of the tunnel

The signings of Gordon and Villanueva have been an albatross on the franchise since before the ink dried on the contracts. They were overpaid and surrounded by little talent, meaning their deficiencies couldn't be covered up by teammates.

But finally it looks like the franchise is poised to move on. Gordon is already gone, traded for Corey Maggette and his expiring contract. Villanueva is still on the team but looks to be a prime amnesty candidate following this season.

And with that money off the books, combined with the collection of young talent the team has amassed during its lean years, the franchise has a chance to reinvest that money to complement its young base.

Instead of giving big-money contracts to a couple players, the Pistons can now fill in the gaps as necessary to find players to suit up alongside Monroe, Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey and Andre Drummond.