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Detroit Pistons 2012-2013 opening night player introductions

The Pistons had a choir, orchestra and a Palace semi-full of fans wearing LED wristbands help make their 2012-2013 player introductions very unique and interesting.

We tweeted a video from the Pistons Wednesday afternoon that talked about the radio-controlled LED wristbands called xylobands fans would be given upon entering The Palace of Auburn Hills for the season opener. The video provided a glimpse into what kind of show was in store for the pre-game and halftime festivities.

I figured they would be used for whatever pre-game and halftime concerts were planned to attract fans, but I did not know the plan was to put on a show for the player introductions. With a choir, orchestra Detroit Symphony and xylobands, the player introductions were ... different -- and kind of cool.

Honestly, considering the Pistons blew a fourth quarter lead to James Harden and Carlos Delfino, this is probably my favorite part of opening night now, until Mason introduced Villanueva. (And don't get me wrong, nothing will ever beat 'The Final Countdown,' and fire from the back of the shot clocks.)