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Pistons versus Thunder: homecoming brings Durant and Co.

Winless Detroit returns home to face one of the league's best.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Capping their brutal road trip with an ugly loss to Houston on Saturday night, Pistons finally return meet the Thunder. Oklahoma City has been feasting off weak Eastern Conference teams to roll off four straight easy wins.

The opposite has been true, as they've faced some of the best the West have to offer with no wins to show for their efforts. But there have been some silver linings as Monroe has racked up four straight double-doubles and we've seen an increase in the Moose-Drummond frontcourt.

Even if a win is out of reach, hopefully we can continue to see some strides forward.

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Game tips at 7:30 p.m. EST
Detroit Pistons: 0-7
Oklahoma City Thunder: 5-2

Keys to the Game
Feed the Moose - in Oklahoma City, Monroe was still able to have a strong game even against the Thunder's strong frontcourt. Let's keep him going.

Monroe/Drummond frontcourt - preferably with some Jonas mixed in. But we aren't greedy. Just the same, Frank's acknowledge that this is the future. He should really be looking to make that timeline as expedited as possible.

Efficient scoring from the backcourt - this team really needs Knight and Stuckey to start offering something at the same time here.