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Maggette definitely in, Stuckey definitely out, Singler to start

Corey Maggette ready to make season debut but Rodney Stuckey out with flu. Kyle Singler to start at shooting guard.


The roster gods giveth and they taketh away.

On the same day when Corey Maggette is ready to play his first official game in a Pistons uniform, Rodney Stuckey has been ruled out with flu-like symptoms.

H/T to V. in comments for spotting this on Twitter.

Looks like I was right in presuming that the real loser in the fallout of Maggette's return will be rookie Kim English and not rookie Singler.

On a more positive note, it might mean that coach Lawrence Frank will be more likely to rest fellow small forward Tayshaun Prince.

Prince is averaging 35 minutes per game over the last three, including a season-high 39 minutes in the Pistons loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday.

What can we expect with this bit of roster shuffling?

Singler has looked relatively strong on defense so far in his first season but lineups with him at shooting guard have not worked so far this season. That might have less to do with Singler than the players around him, however.

Stuckey is coming off his best game of the season but is still struggling with efficiency and consistency.

Assuming Maggette is reasonably healthy and in shape he could provide a significant boost to Detroit's struggling reserve unit. If the Pistons find themselves mired in a scoring drought hopefully Maggette can take the ball and get himself to the free-throw line.