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Just who is this Sean Corp guy anyway?

Sean_Corp arrived on the scene last December with a vengeance. He's now a staple of DBB. But just who the hell is he anyway?

The starting point guard of Sean Corp's heart
The starting point guard of Sean Corp's heart
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Last season was pretty tough to watch. There was the 4-20 start, the struggles of rookie Brandon Knight and the emphasis on entertainment, not basketball, by new owner Tom Gores. Oh, and there was that miserable lockout too. Fortunately for the readers of DetroitBadBoys, we had a rookie of our own to get pretty excited about. Almost out of nowhere Sean Corp arrived last December and fit DBB like a glove, knocking out post after post with smart analysis and entertaining prose. He's doing it this year as well. But just who is this Sean Corp guy anyway? Let's find out...

1. Who is Sean_Corp? What does MFSC do when he's not DBBing?

I'm a former newspaper man (in my case a sad, lonely world at small- and mid-sized papers) and worked my way into a job in communications at Michigan State University. But four years ago, I moved to Michigan from Ohio because my wife got accepted into a Ph.D. program at MSU. That means I had to leave my newspaper job in the midst of a worldwide recession to try and find a job in the state with the highest unemployment in the nation in a dying field with the worst job prospects of just about anything. I eventually found a part-time job 40 minutes away at mLive and had to take on a second gig at a nearby Target to pay the bills. I hated both jobs and was working 16-18 hour days every Saturday. To keep my sanity and probably cling on to any hope that I could do something I actively enjoyed I took a gig writing for Life on Dumars and eventually felt qualified enough and asked Matt to join the group at DBB before last season.

When I'm not working I'm trying to stay out of the way of my incredibly busy wife, who is working like crazy at school. That means I write a lot on DBB and also watch tons of movies and too much TV. I've also been reading a lot more since I left newspapers and reading has become less of a work-related obligation. I've also sort of become sort of obsessed with collecting old books, especially now that people seem to care less and less about physical books and want everything on an e-reader. I also am a news junkie, particularly policy wonk type stuff like tax policy, health care, energy etc. But I think my favorite non-basketball-related activity is listening to the treasure trove of podcasts out there, which provide more entertainment for free than what most people pay good money for . If you haven't listened to Comedy Bang Bang, Improv4Humans, The Best Show, Who Charted? and How Was Your Week, you are missing out.

2. What is your earliest memory as a Pistons fan? What is your favorite memory as a Pistons fan?

Honestly, my first memory was this T-shirt (, which my dad got me when I was 8 years old after their second championship. Then, just like collecting baseball cards, I become obsessed with identifying and learning about all the players in the picture. I only actively remember the tail end of the Bad Boys era and Joe Dumars was by far my favorite Piston. I was a little kid so my dad always taught me to root for the little, non-flashy players so I idolized Dumars, Barry Sanders and Lou Whitaker. My favorite memory as a Pistons fan might actually be from a game that they lost. In 2004 when the Pistons won the championship their biggest stumbling block was probably the New Jersey Nets. The Nets had swept the Pistons the year before and had been Eastern Conference representative in the NBA Finals the previous two years.

The series was tied 2-2 and the Pistons played a three-overtime thriller in Detroit. The best part was that at the time I was the only person in my group of friends who was seriously into basketball. All my friends were going out that night and had come to pick me up. I asked four of my friends if we could wait until the end of the game, which was going back and forth at the time, if i remember correctly. It seemed like the Pistons were going to go down but Chauncey Billups heaves a half-court desperation shot at the buzzer and it goes in to send the game into the first overtime. And slowly but surely all my friends, who couldn't have cared less about basketball got more and more invested into the game. And everyone went nuts by the time the game was forced into its second and third overtime. The Pistons lost in overtime three but it was great to be around all these people that were completely invested in the outcome and cheering the Pistons on with me. It showed me the greatness of sports at its purest level.

3. Sean_Corp All-Time Pistons First Team-- GO!

Tough. We'll go Chuck Daly as the coach. Ben Wallace as the starting center and Bob Lanier at power forward. My heart would want to find a place for Dennis Rodman but you'd need a little offense on the blocks. Dave DeBusschere at small forward because he was a great two-way player and a Detroit native. Joe Dumars at shooting guard and my one homer pick will be Chauncey Billups. I think his career and legacy in Detroit has been criminally underrated and because he was the most fun Piston for me to watch of the modern era. I know Isiah Thomas is the better player but I just don't have the attachment to him that I do to Billups.

4. What is your favorite DBB meme, and why?

I literally LOL just about any time someone pulls out the per-36 meme in completely inappropriate situations. "Not now Mateen!" is a close second and the dancing zebra is probably third -- just a hypnotic GIF. And at the bottom of the list is anything involving rhinos and poop and combinations thereof.

5. If you could sit down with Joe Dumars, what three questions would you ask, and why?

When you traded for Allen Iverson what was the dream scenario for how the team would look two years later? For every draft I'd love to know if you hadn't selected player X who would you have picked based on the players available? What trade that you've turned down do you wish you would have accepted?

6. Kill one, Marry one, Bang one: George Blaha, Gregory Kelser, Tom Gores

Easy. You marry Blaha because I could get him to do play-by-play of my everyday, mundane activities. You bang Gregory Kelser because as a former professional player I'm sure he's learned a thing or two. And you kill Tom Gores because I'm 99 percent sure that he's actually a werewolf and he either wouldn't actually die or I would be protecting innocent people from being murdered by a monster.

Thanks MFSC! Your turn, DBB. Ask away.