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Kyle Singler making buckets!

He might be no Dude Perfect but Kyle Singler can certainly hold his own in the trick shot department.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Kyle Singler has been winning the hearts and minds of Pistons fans since the moment he stepped on the court. His brand on mistake-free, hustling, doing-whatever-is-needed basketball is something the Pistons were sorely lacking. So much so that within the first 10 games of his rookie season Singler had already enmeshed himself in the starting rotation.

Now Singler is out to win even more fans via a basketball trick shot compilation released on the Pistons official YouTube channel.

In the video Singler travels around famous landmarks of Detroit making difficult, if not awe-inspiring shots. But patience is a virtue as the last shot he takes is actually pretty awesome. It combines basketball, an automobile and physics, and is something I've certainly never seen before. And, of course, buckets!

All I know is this guy better be playing on all-star weekend next to teammate Andre Drummond and maybe even Brandon Knight. With Greg Monroe, of course, getting his first invite to the big stage.

One final note: The whole time watching this video I was thinking of how hilarious it would be to have Charlie Villanueva (or maybe Joe Dumars) do a parody version, only with buckets of chicken. Buckets!