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Lawrence Frank: Jonas Jerebko or Austin Daye could find time at SF, Kim English could be in mix at SG

The rotation keeps on rotating as Lawrence Frank muses on what could be in store in near future.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

First, Kyle Singler was inserted into the starting lineup for Rodney Stuckey. Then Charlie Villanueva was named the primary reserve power forward in place of Jonas Jerebko. Then it appeared Stuckey was tabbed as the backup point guard in place of Will Bynum in the second half against Portland.

Are you ready for more possible Detroit Pistons rotation craziness?

Keith Langlois confirms at that Stuckey will, indeed, supplant Bynum as the team's primary reserve point guard:

"What we're going to do is Rodney will get the first crack at playing those minutes," Frank said. "Now, he may sub in earlier in the game for either Tay or Kyle, but then when we bring in Corey or another wing, Rodney will then be at the point and we'll go from there and then, depending on how the game is going, Will could be in there or if Rodney is going really well it may not be that half for Will or that night for Will - or vice versa."

I suppose it was gracious of him to toss out the possibility of Stuckey sitting in favor of Bynum but I don't think it's very likely, even considering Stuckey's struggles for most of the season.

But that isn't all the rotation tinkering Frank is willing to do as the Pistons look to crawl out of the early season hole they have dug for themselves.

Other changes could be in store. English could find a way back into the playing group at shooting guard if Stuckey is going to spend more time at point guard. Frank talked about Jerebko or Daye as possibilities for backup minutes behind Prince.

"Anything is on the table," he said. "Foul trouble, or someone is underperforming. It's trying to figure out which pieces fit on that night. As long as you're giving maximum effort, it starts there. Usually you can work things out when you're playing hard."

Two words absent from the coach's mouth: Andre Drummond or Jason Maxiell. But at least it all appears to be going in the right direction.