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VIDEO: Kyle Singler blocks Jimmer Fredette

Besides Greg Monroe's triple double, the only other highlight from the Pistons' 105-103 loss to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night was this block from rookie Kyle Singler.

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If he didn't before, Kyle Singler may have just earned himself some of Tayshaun Prince's minutes with this vintage Prince block of Jimmer Fredette in Wedneday night's loss to the Kings.

About halfway through the second quarter, with Detroit down 41-38, the Kings were in transition and Singler was trailing behind Aaron Brooks, who had the ball just outside the three-point line. Brooks attempted to take a trip to lob city with Jimmer Fredette, but Singler -- on a dead sprint to the border -- denied their visas. Hashtag: undocumented oopers, get that weak illegal shit out of here. Boo ya! /end SNL SportsCenter

Instantly, without giving it much thought, I anointed this the 7th best block in Pistons history in the comments, but I could be really wrong. That's okay. Kyle Singler is a player I hated with a passion while he was at Duke and I scoffed at the Pistons for drafting him. When he decided to play in Spain, I took that as an indication that he didn't want to play for the bad Pistons, at least not right away, so I was offended, took it as cowardly and naturally disliked him more. I reluctantly realized that it was best for him to get playing time overseas, and really, don't blame him, but I still didn't want to like him.

Maybe it was his face. Maybe his style of play. I don't know, but I owe him an apology. He's been one of the brighter spots on the Pistons so far this season and he needs more minutes. The Pistons need more hustle plays like this one, like a young Prince in his second season of the NBA. Stop living in the past, Joe/Frank. It's time to let the young ones fly.