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Frank: Andre Drummond’s 'going to play more and more'

Andre Drummond’s fantastic start has been the subject of both excitement and consternation for fans. The latter has been due to his minutes per game remaining under 20 despite being Detroit’s best player to this point.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Ellis reported some interesting comments from Frank preceding Wednesday's game against Toronto:

"It's not easy," Frank said. "Each situation is a little bit different and unique ... when we don't play Andre 18 minutes the reporters here they have pictures of me all up across town."


"If Andre continues on the path he's been on, he's going to play more and more ... it's a delicate balancing act. It's not easy and what everyone has to remember is it's a long season. It's one of those things where it's a method to the madness."

The pun in that headline is just...ugh. But Ellis pulled out some great quotes from Frank, both acknowledging the criticism he's faced in regards to Drummond's playing time and that there will be more in store for him if he keeps playing the way that he has.

We're up to four straight games with a similar rotation where Moose and Drummond have had playing time together for stretches in both halves, and Drummond's playing time is up a notch averaging 22 minutes in these games. That's encouraging.

But most refreshing is the communication and reassurances to fans that there is a plan in place. I love the "method to the madness" bit. It sure would be nice to get something similar out of the front office.