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Pistons vs. Hawks: Mike Payne speaks with

MFMP had a Q&A with before Wednesday night's Pistons-Hawks tip.


Our very own MFMP answered some questions for Micah Hart over at today to help Atlanta fans learn a little more about the make up of the new-look Pistons.

Here's a teaser of the exchange: The Pistons are still a franchise in rebuilding mode. Which players do you see the team most wanting to build around for the future?

MP: Sadly, the Pistons are undergoing its second rebuild in four years. It fully rebuilt when it parted ways with Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, Rasheed Wallace and Flip Saunders in one season, while bringing in Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva and promoting Rodney Stuckey the following season. The team has spent the last several years trying to undo those mistakes, and it was moments away from embracing its youth movement until it extended Tayshaun Prince as its offensive centerpiece through to age 35 (and buying out Richard Hamilton to do it). Thanks to some excellent luck in the draft, it has one of the league’s most promising future frontcourts in Monroe and Drummond, but the roster remains financially insolvent and in need of a gutting.

For the rest of the awesome Q&A, head over to like now. Now, your thoughts in the GameThread.