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Pistons hold off a fourth quarter push from the Bucks to win second straight

Two straight wins, four of the last five and the only loss in that time coming against a red-hot Hawks in double overtime? And continuing the sources of unlikely heroes, it was Tayshaun Prince leading the way.


Don't look now, but the Pistons are playing some doggone competent basketball!

After running the Wizards off the court two nights in a row, the bench exploding against two of the best teams in the East, Lawrence Frank called Tayshaun Prince's number down the stretch and he delivered. Funny game, ain't it?

The Bucks took their first lead of the game on a scrambling, falling-out-of-bounds Monta Ellis jumper with just over a minute left. Isotayshaun time? Isotayshaun time.

Prince backed down Dunleavy for a hook, then after an Ellis miss, Frank went back to Prince against Luc Mbah a Moute. He was able to get the baseline, but Milwaukee was looking for it, crashing with two weakside defenders who smothered Prince. He got the foul, hit the free throws. Ellis jumper on the other end. Miss. Ballgame.

While Prince was the closer, it was the frontcourt that took care of business. 60 points in the paint compared to Milwaukee's 38, and Prince, Maxiell, Moose, Villanueva, Drummond, and Daye were all legit, combining for 68 of the team's points on 29 of 50 with four threes mixed in, and out-rebounding the Bucks 48-33.

Bynum was hot and cold in his MFWB behavior (that's Mellow Fire Will Bynum, for you uninitiated folks), but Drummond brought the highlights. Check out this. Then this. He hit all of his shots for eight points while adding seven ebounds, a steal, two blocks, and it was another one of those games where it seemed like at least five blocks. He's so friggin good.

Prince led the way scoring - he seemed more Isotayshaun heavy than usual, but was very effective with 20 points. Moose was particularly Moosey in the first half, but quieted down in the second.

The offense seemed generally discombobulated after the turn, which contributed to the Buck's comeback. The Bucks used three Pistons turnovers, three Pistons misses, and three three pointers of their own to take the lead until Prince erased it.

Coming off a win against the Heat and leading the Central Division, the Bucks are no joke. A win against them is a real accomplishment for the now 11-22 Pistons. It's no secret that I'm a fan of Frank, but even his biggest skeptics have to tip their hats at this run. They're playing some really impressive ball and in some really weird ways.