Detroit Pistons/Orlando Magic Game - Monday, April 9

The Detroit Pistons are taking their game to Orlando on Monday, April 9. The purpose of this post is to determine just how many DBB'ers might be interested in meeting up for the game in Orlando. More thoughts after this.

There are four real options for tickets at that game.

1. Lower bowl, sideline tickets: These are going to be 'spensive. They run for $135-$267. Yeah. That's a bit rich for my blood, but if EVERYONE else wants to do this, I might be convinced.

2. Lower bowl, behind the basket: These are bit more reasonable. They run $62-$135. Frankly, I've never much cared for these seats as I'd rather have a view from the side. But, again, if there's enough interest, we can go this direction.

3. Upper Deck club seats: These are a bit further away from the floor, but not nosebleed territory yet. They are $108 - $120

4. Upper deck seats: All upper deck seats are $36-$52, but there are still some at mid-court, so we'd definitely target those first.

I'm going to put a poll below to gauge which section of the arena has the most interest. If you voted, please make a comment and let me know how many are in your group (spouses/significant others/family/friends). I'll work with everyone interested in attending regarding payment details and meeting spot before the game.

I don't want this process to run on too long, so I'm going to end the poll on Tuesday, February 21. We'll see how many people want to come and where we're going to sit at that time. If we get more than 20 tickets, I'll need to deal with the Magic directly as this falls under "Group Seating". I don't know if that will increase or decrease seating prices, but I'll update the fanpost with any pertinent info.

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