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Ben Wallace Ties NBA Record For Most Games Played By Undrafted Player

(SB Nation Detroit, Dave Ryan) On Tuesday, Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace will step on the court court for the 1,055th time in his illustrious career. And when he does, the longtime defensive stopper will officially etch his name in the NBA record book as the single most experienced undrafted player in league history.

Wallace tied Avery Johnson's mark of 1,054 games in Detroit's lopsided loss to Washington Sunday, and now has a chance to put a little bit of distance between himself the former point guard, who currently roams the sideline as coach of the New Jersey Nets, over the remainder of the season.

It's a testament to Wallace's work ethic and determination that he's been able to stay healthy and playing at such a high level for so long, and further demonstrates how a player of this caliber can sometimes slip through the cracks on draft night. With so many Pistons fans already looking to the 2012 NBA Draft to take their minds off the current squad, Wallace's achievement is a clear-cut reminder that supremely-talented players are still available outside of the top 60 if you look hard enough.