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Vote for Pistons-Cavs to be NBA TV's Fan Night game next Tuesday

The Pistons don't get many opportunities to play on national television, being bad and all, (they're currently slated to play on NBA TV in April against the Hawks and the next week on ESPN vs. Milwaukee), but fans of crappy basketball have a chance to put them on the grand stage next Tuesday, February 21, when Moose and company travel to the Q to play Ramon Sessions' Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you click over to and look to the left in the middle of the page, you'll see a voting module that will allow you to vote for the Pistons-Cavaliers game to be the Game of the Night. Right now, it has an overwhelming FOUR-percent of the overall vote.

As a displaced Pistons fan, I know I would love to watch a Pistons game in real-time on the tube (not four plays behind on NBA League Pass Broadband), while putting all of my attention on the computer toward taking in all the profound wisdom (and rhino poopz) a DBB game thread has to offer.

So go vote! And after you vote, I have video of Cavs players singing to you after the jump.