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Pistons had a pretty good All-Star weekend, including Hooper

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The NBA All-Star game recently finished in LeBron-like fashion with the West beating the East 152-149, which means All-Star weekend has officially come to a close.

Although Greg Monroe should've been playing tonight (Hibbert was 1-for-3 with three rebounds in 10-plus minutes), Moose had a great showing during the Rising Stars Challenge and provided the most memorable highlight of the weekend. Knight didn't shoot well in the game, but had some nice moments, which I guess has been a running theme for him his rookie season.

Those two weren't the only ones to have a nice weekend, though, and I'm not talking about the rest of the team getting rest -- Hooper was in Orlando, too, and he stole a kiss from (or head-butted?) this really polite woman:

Although he may have broken her glasses, Hooper is thrilled and even gives a 'count that baby and a foul' fist pump, followed by a point. Remember, Hooper is from Lucky, Kentucky. Good for him.

(By the way, according to Google Translate, the title of the video is, "The first day of the All-Star rookie race piston mascot "kissing" Sina front of the beautiful reporter.")