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NBA All-Star 2012: Greg Monroe should be a reserve

As you already know, the starters for the NBA All-Star game were selected and presented on TNT yesterday evening.

This might come as a surprise, but no Pistons were selected. However, that should be a different story when the reserves are announced next week, as Greg Monroe better be selected. Tom Ziller, who put up his guesses for the All-Star bench players at SB Nation's NBA hub today, also feels that way.

Check out what he had to say:

CENTER: Greg Monroe. Detroit's Monrobocop has been the conference's second best center, no matter how bad the Pistons have looked. He's averaging 16 points and almost 10 rebounds a game on 51 percent shooting while picking up more assists than turnovers. He edges Roy Hibbert, who plays for a much better team. But you can't pick your teammates, unless you're LeBron James or Stephen Jackson.

The coaches have a pretty easy job for the Eastern Conference center reserve, but they'll probably screw it up somehow. The reserves will be announced on February 9 on TNT.