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Charlie Villanueva Injury Update: It's a little more than a 'sore ankle'

After the Pistons' media had been taciturn for almost three weeks, an official injury update on the "sore ankle" of the highly paid Charlie Villanueva has finally surfaced less than a week after BlikkityBlah's bloodhounding:

Following repeated imaging studies as well as multiple consultations from foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons, it has been determined that Charlie Villanueva’s right ankle soreness can be attributed to a resolving posterior tibial tenosynovitis with small talotibal [sic] spurs.

A few weeks of partial ankle immobilization have been recommended in an attempt to alleviate the soreness and discomfort.

He will be re-evaluated after that period.

Per DBB's medical experts, Villanueva essentially has bone spurs with inflammation of his posterior tibial tendon, which helps control plantar flexion, or jumping. The surgery Villanueva was talking about with his Instagram friends could have been anything ranging from hypochondria to synovial débridement. I'm sure surgery would like to be avoided if at all possible, so rest sounds like the most appropriate remedial measure at this time.