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Hornets coach wants Pistons player suspended for Jason Smith's concussion

And guess what? It's not Jonas Jerebko.

No, New Orleans Hornets coach Monty Williams has sent in game tape to the league and wants Greg Monroe suspended for flagrantly tossing Hornets big man Jason Smith into Jerebko's right shoulder (allegedly), causing him to fall to the ground with what would later be diagnosed a concussion:

Williams believes Pistons center Greg Monroe, a New Orleans native, should be suspended for flagrantly tossing Smith into another player, giving the Hornets’ energetic forward a concussion in the process.

"I believe the NBA needs to look at that play and maybe suspend Monroe because it was a violent play that should have been penalized and the refs didn’t catch it," Williams said. "I think that’s one of the things they have to look at on film because that can’t happen. Those kinds of plays can cause fights in the game."

I've re-watched this play 20 times, in the dark, solely to see the Jerebko reaction to Smith getting all up in his grill, admittedly never really considering what actually caused Smith to go flying into Jerebko.

Upon further review, with a focus on Monroe during the play, it is indeed the Monrobocop who is getting very physical with Smith throughout the play, ultimately getting tangled up in Smith's jersey at the tail end as they battle one another for positioning. Almost simultaneous to Jerebko's layup going in, Monroe tried to free himself from Smith and head back on defense. When Monroe pulled away from Smith, pure Moosemuscle force sent Smith's head straight into Jerebko's shoulder. Smith would have to leave the game with a concussion and is now listed as day-to-day (and he won't play in tonight's game).

I don't think Williams is going to get his wish, but what do you think? Suspendable offense for the man who serves the Pistons post, protects the paint, and upholds the basketlaw?