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Pistons Charlie Villanueva injures other ankle

Charlie Villanueva. Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE
Charlie Villanueva. Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

If last night's game against the Denver Nuggets, a 116-115 loss, wasn't a microcosm of the Detroit Pistons 2011-12 season, then I think the latest news regarding Charlie Villanueva is. If you met a space alien today and had to explain the current Pistons just show them last night's game and this story and they will have everything they need to know.

It seems Villanueva, after being healthy enough to go from not playing in street clothes to not playing in his full uniform, has injured his other ankle after spraining it in practice. Per MLive:

Villanueva suffered a left ankle sprain with no contact. He said he was just running down the court when he turned the ankle, which is not the same one which cost him most of the season.

Of course it involved no contact.

Villanueva has missed most of the season with a right ankle sprain and there is no telling how long this new injury will keep him out of the lineup. I literally laughed out loud as I typed the end of that sentence, by the way.

For the season the snake-bit power forward has played nine minutes over the span of three games and has not scored a point.

Lawrence Frank was unavailable to comment on how he was going to juggle his lineup with the news of Villanueva's injury, but rumor has it it will involve rearranging a number of folding chairs near the end of the team's bench.

H/T to PistonPowered.