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Pistons 87, Cavaliers 75: Rodney Stuckey Injury Doesn't Hold Detroit Back In Cleveland

The same face Ace Ventura makes when he's coming out of the rhino's derrière. It's hot in these rhinos; it's a good thing we have our trusty veteran leadership.
The same face Ace Ventura makes when he's coming out of the rhino's derrière. It's hot in these rhinos; it's a good thing we have our trusty veteran leadership.

The Pistons lost Rodney Stuckey to a sore left hamstring six minutes into the game, but it turned out to be not worth a lotto lick as Detroit made relatively easy work of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, winning just their sixth road game of the season.

Everyone's favorite Piston Tayshaun Prince matched a personal season-high with 29 points and eight rebounds. (It seems when he's not costing the Pistons wins, he's selfishly ruining draft odds while still stunting the development of others who should be playing over him. He seriously can do no right. Now, see pic.)

Down by as many as 15 in the fourth, the Cavs pulled within five with four minutes left and it felt like the Pistons were about to blow another lead in Cleveland. But Brandon Knight went and hit a three, leading the Pistons on a 11-4 run to close out the game. He finished with 16 points and five assists (three turnovers).

The Pistons had a season-high 11 blocks and scored above 80 for the first time in four games. More random tidbits after the jump.

  • Greg Monroe had an off-game, scoring only eight on 4-for-13 shooting. He did have 10 rebounds, though.
  • JASON MAXIELL. What a game the baby-eater had. 12 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. Dim the lights and watch these two highlights: 1) RIP baby 1; 2) RIP baby 2.
  • I thought for sure we'd see some Charlie V, but at least Austin Daye got some run, almost 30 minutes worth. He had a couple blocks on defense and eight points on 3-for-7 shooting.
  • Rookie Kyrie Irving had his second straight game in as many nights with five turnovers. Overall, I thought Knight looked better than him despite the stats probably suggesting otherwise. But Irving is pretty dirty - I'd call this an 'off-game' for him, yet he still put up 22 points, nine rebounds and six assists. He also had this really fancy bucket.
  • Prince on his big game:
  • "I've had some tough games here," Prince said. "I had some games where I've had 25 points and games where I had four points. There's never an in between. I've had some games where I struggled in this arena. It's a good thing I had a couple of layups early to get me rolling."
  • Thanks again to Fuad Shalhout for the killer preview. If you're interested in doing a game preview or recap, sign up here.
  • The Pistons are in Chicago on Friday.
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