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Pistons at Grizzlies: Abbreviated Game Thread Edition (tm)

The Pistons are in Memphis tonight to take on the Grizzlies. Due to a scheduling mishap, your usual Pistons game preview will be replaced with this abbreviated game thread. The game tips at 8:00p.m. as the 12-25 Detroit Pistons will face off with the 21-15 Memphis Grizzlies. We'll pick up next week with our typically awesome (well, when Sean, Brian or Ben write them) game previews. For now, thread it up in the comments with more of your thoughts. Go, uh, spectacular team go!!

Detroit Pistons: 12 - 25

Memphis Grizzlies: 21 - 15

Note-- Charlie Villanueva apparently practiced with the Pistons on Friday, full contact, but is not quite ready to join the team yet. Keep your eyes peeled, as he is expected to at least suit up later this week. Charlie might see playing time against the Lakers on Tuesday, the Atlanta Hawks on Friday or the Toronto Raptors on Saturday. Are you as excited as I am?